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Stem Kits

Providing low-cost / Free STEM Enrichment

What is STEMUnboxed?

• Engaging STEM education activities tailored for elementary school students

• NGSS-Aligned Educational Kits

• Incorporable into classroom curriculum

• Immerse students in scientific concepts through interactive, hands-on experiences

• Cost-effective alternatives to commercial options

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Our Products

Info about Crazy Catapult stem kit:

The Crazy Catapult is a thrilling STEM kit for kids, exploring physics concepts through hands-on catapult building and launching!

Crazy Catapult STEM Kit

Get Involved

  • Engage with us:

    • Conduct interactive activities with students in a class or grade with the kits

    • Distribute kits to students to take home & engage with asynchronously

    • Distribute kits to various classrooms & and teachers lead activities on their own time

  • Make a Donation!

Contact Us

STEMUnboxed would love to connect with you! If you would like to get involved, have any questions, or give us feedback, contact us! Email:


We are incredibly grateful to the following organizations that keep our team running.If you would like to become a sponsor, please contact us here

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