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Eastlake Robotics, for the past 5 years, has increased their focus on making an impact in the community.

Summer Camps and Workshops

Since the summer of 2021, POP has hosted summer camps and workshops in their shop. The camps we’ve offered span from programming, and fabrication, to engineering. Additionally, we have hosted free workshops in libraries and other spaces throughout the year.

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Farmers Markets

For the past 5 years, Eastlake has been interacting with their local Sammamish community by attending Farmer’s market. We’ve met so many enthusiastic kids and fascinated parents as we’ve displayed our robot and organized activities.

Recycling Initiative

After cleaning out our shop in 2021 we realized the amount of scrap parts lying around. Knowing that this was in common with a lot of teams, we launched the Pack Up Your Parts Recycling Initiative with the goal of creating a sustainable cycle of FRC parts by recycling, reusing, and redistributing FRC parts. Our 2023 Recycling Initiative is taking place from December 5th to December 16th. Visit this page for more information.

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Food FIRST Initiative

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During the pandemic POP took actionable steps to address food insecurity in the Pacific Northwest, beginning with a humble fundraiser for a local food bank and growing into a project supported by 24 FIRST teams from six states. We donated over 300 bags of snacks to the local student-run non-profit Giving Hope Project and cooked a meal for 100 people at the Seattle Congregations for the Homeless.


In 2022 Pack of Parts launched their stem kit. These STEM kits, branded as STEMUnboxed, are easy to follow, step by step, engineering kits aimed towards providing elementary students with engaging STEM enrichment. For more information go to this page.

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We are incredibly grateful to the following organizations that keep our team running.If you would like to become a sponsor, please contact us here

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